Mix and Match Botanical 4 Pack Wax Melt

made by  Cedar Vitae


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Please note that when the wax melt scents are mixed and matched, there may be some scent transfer on the top of the wax melt. However, when the individual wax melt is melted the true scent of the wax melt will be released.

Cedar Vitae’s set of 4 wax melts come in a drawstring bag which contains both large circle and small flower wax melts: 2x24g and 2x8g.

You can choose up to 4 wax melt scents and you can decide which scent is the large circle or the small flower. (Please write your scent and shape choice at checkout)

You can choose your scent combination out of:

Serene: Cedar Vitae’s Lavender essential oil wax melt

Blossom: Cedar Vitae’s Orange and Cinnamon essential wax melt

Zest: Cedar Vitae’s Geranium essential oil wax melt

Good Days: Cedar Vitae’s Patchouli and May Chang essential oil wax melt

Cedar Woodland: Cedar Vitae’s Geranium Rose, Cedarwood Atlas and Rosemary essential oil wax melt

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