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Jayne has been a hairdresser for over 17 years, chatting with women about their hair and how they care for it. Her inspiration for Hairy Jayne comes from her love of fragrant essential oils, her eco-awareness and her fascination with hair.

Hairy Jayne is a hairdresser who makes hair care products that smell divine and make hair feel great. They products are all registered with the Vegan Society and are handmade from naturally derived ingredients – ingredients that cause the least harm on our skin and the world around us. Sulfates and parabens are out, and plant ingredients and fragrant essential oils are most definitely in.

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Light Conditioner

Leaves hair feeling detangled, de-stressed and downright delightful. Hydrating but lightweight and non-greasy. Very good for fine hair. 100% vegan, 97% naturally derived and biodegradable. Citrus fragrance made from a blend of Grapefruit, May Chang & ...
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