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Handmade in Harpenden was founded by Henry and Farhana in 2017. Growing up they both learnt the power of nostalgia through smell, especially the strong link between natural scents and memories. Conscious of her environment having grown up with asthma and numerous allergies, Farhana’s fascination with fragrances naturally led her to use natural essential oils to fill her life with beautiful scents. Meanwhile Henry, having spent three years in a laboratory, was learning the perfumery skills to create the scents that induced nostalgic memories from their travels and childhoods.

All of our products are GMO-free and completely vegan-friendly. We completely avoid soy wax as soy crops are one of the largest contributors to deforestation globally. In order to minimise our impact on the environment, we’re committed to only using UK manufactures for our raw materials and ingredients. Doing this massively reduces transport emissions, as well as continues to support British industry. Dedicated to living a clean, sustainable way of life, they created Handmade in Harpenden to share their custom blended fragrances and plant-based creations with the world, while pledging to only source materials from the UK.

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