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Jo Cheung Illustration

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Hello there and I’m Jo Cheung. I’m a freelance illustrator and designer whose work ranges from a variety of mediums: magazine articles, web graphics, and greeting card designs. Originally from Doncaster, I moved to London to study illustration at The University of Westminster and has since resided in North London.My work often depicts imaginary, dreamy and surreal landscapes as I’m interested in the complex and conflicting relationship between animals and humans. I incorporate a lot of hand drawn images, collages and paintings within my work and then it’s digitally altered on the computer. I use a lot of textures, shapes, patterns and colours. My inspiration comes from people and places I see and visit on a day to day basis, conversations, music, travelling to different places, nature, and my own imagination.

Illustrated paper products and accessories.

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The Circle of Life A6 Illustrated Blank Greeting Card for all Occasions

This is an original and unique illustrated card designed by myself- perfect for folks who are beekeepers and avid gardeners. A rather beautiful card for someone special for all occasions. This illustration is also available as ...
made by Jo Cheung Illustration

When Spring Comes A6 Illustrated Greeting Card

This is an original and unique illustrated greeting card designed by myself- perfect for folks who like being out and about, gardening, nature and the British wildlife. A rather beautiful card to remind someone of the ...
made by Jo Cheung Illustration