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Marianne is a ceramic artist from South East London. Originally from South Africa, Marianne moved to the UK in 2002. She has always been making something with her hands whether it be painting or working with clay. After completing a BA Fine Art degree in 2001 she continued working with ceramics by attending various adult education colleges across London. She has further developed her skills in mold making and slip casting techniques as she prefers the challenges her hand sculpted forms poses to the mold making process.  The final pieces are then completed with various surface decoration and fine detail sculpting before undergoing a two stage firing process. She remains inspired by African patterns and organic forms.  The decorative patterns and shapes she uses is a humble nod to her place of birth.    

Marianne uses porcelain and earthenware clay which is then used in a slipcast and sculpting method.  All her work is individually decorated using either stained underglaze colours or sgraffito.  Sgraffito is a form of hand carved decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting colour.  Prices are an honest reflection of the time it takes to create the ceramics you see here. Handmade & slow made with care.  All items are glazed to make it water tight for holding water if you would like to use it as a potplant/ vase.  It can also serve as a candle or trinket holder.  All ceramic materials are sourced from reputable UK based suppliers and lead free.

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