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Hi!Im Pooja. Thanks for stopping by my little jewellery shop!I’ve always wanted to make jewellery, and clay is always something I’ve enjoyed working with, messy but so much therapeutic!Polymer isn’t easy to work with, the first attempts to make earrings were from air dry clay, but it went horrendously wrong! So Polymer it was. I made the first batch but I baked them wrong temperature. After 3-4 attempts I mastered it. But even then I’m still making mistakes. I don’t have all the tools so I just hand cut some of the shapes or stencils.Learning a new skill other than sewing has really made life a bit more fun for me, as I am also a mother to a charming happy active toddler! But you can imagine whats it like when you don’t have nursery or child care during this pandemic. So I found time in the odd napping hours or weekends to make these collections. I don’t bake batches yet. Maybe when I have a bigger studio, and more storage space Ill make a lot of earrings!I hope you enjoy looking at all the cheerful creations, and enjoy wearing them as much as I have loved making them. ♥️

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