Remi Yeku

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I am a screen printer from Peckham who believes that everyone deserves to be proud of their uniqueness and style which is why I offer hand printed artwork, clothing and home decor that deviates from the norm at an affordable price. My main aim is to turn every space into a gallery, unlocking its potential to be a home for original artwork and ideas. My concept is not limited to just walls, but to all places the eye can see, including the clothes we wear. We can all be a catalyst for inspiration through our appearance and our attitude, showcasing not just our personality and style but our identity and heritage. All of my pieces are designed to inspire and are hand made which ensures individuality is achieved; each product made by me will be individual to you!I am a person that believes in sustainability, so anywhere I can I try to reduce on waste and plastic. Delivery boxes are recycled. filling used is tissue and brown paper and mailing bags are fully biodegradable. Come to my market stall, I use paper bags and I am trying to reduce my plastic waste further, if it were down to me I wouldn't use any but unfortunately this is very difficult. When I do use bubble wrap, I only use it recycled from deliveries I receive. All inks and paints are bio-degradable and ecologically safe, there are no harsh chemicals used in cleanup or setup.

Hand printed, signed and numbered artwork available to buy, ranging from industrial cityscapes to natural imagery, each print is designed to be unique. T-shirts, fabrics and cushions coming soon!

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