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Everything put into Siam Botanicals products is there because it offers a specific benefit to your skin or your general wellbeing, so that naturally means there are no synthetic colours or fragrances, GM ingredients, mineral oils, petrochemicals or detergents and, of course, absolutely none of their products are tested on animals.By combining age-old ingredients with contemporary scientific know-how, Siam Botanicals have succeeded in creating a simple but highly effective range of unisex products to suit all skin types. Every formula is hand blended in small batches, to ensure that their exceptionally high standards are faithfully replicated in each pot, bottle and bar.Many of Siam Botanicals’ products carry the COSMOS-standard certification, which means they meet the rigorous requirements set by BDIH, COSMEBIO, ECOCERT, ICEA and SOIL ASSOCIATION for organic and natural cosmetics. Look out for the logos on the packaging!

Siam Botanicals’ UK flagship store opened in Shoreditch, London E2 in November 2018. Premium organic skincare brand Siam Botanicals has taken a surprising new direction. Making the westbound journey from the luxury spa resorts of Thailand and The Maldives to Brick Lane, the vibrant capital of spice in London’s East End.The luxurious skin nourishing preparations provide a new and exciting complement to the area’s reputation as London’s capital of eastern spices and exotic Asian ingredients. The natural benefits of ginger, turmeric, plai root, juniper berry, jasmine, coconut and pomegranate (to name just a few ingredients) have long been recognized in traditional Asian skincare remedies. Siam Botanicals’ hand blended products not only smell amazing, they really do work, harnessing the power of nature to nourish, hydrate, rejuvenate and visibly brighten city-stressed skin.

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