Ten Cloudy

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ten°cloudy is the creation of the fashion designer and bag maker Natasha Kerimova. All of our bags and accessories are entirely handmade in the United Kingdom by highly professional artisans, mainly by the designer herself, from luxurious Italian leathers, using beautiful, high-quality fittings. The design of our fashion bags is cool yet balanced, combining exquisite style with everyday practicality. The colours of the materials are discreet. At the same time, our signature approach is to use a combination of leathers, with embossing, and stylish fittings. This makes the overall appearance of our creations understated, yet attention-grabbing.

"I enjoy creating fashion accessories that meet my demanding personal standards for quality and visual aesthetics. I find pleasure in transforming my sketches and patterns into complex, well-engineered constructions. I enjoy looking at the freshly cut elements of my bags, knowing that I designed and created these items, that I personally found, sourced, and carefully selected every one of the internal and external materials for each individual bag with a specific purpose in mind. As a result, every element of every bag is the result of a very personal and emotional journey involving a huge amount of work, patience, and love. This lengthy, multi-step process is like putting together a difficult puzzle. It is very hard, but extremely satisfying to see when an exquisite fashion artefact comes into existence through such effort and love. You will feel it too, I am sure!"NK

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