The Dou-Doods

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I love to create, make and share love. The Dou-Doods brand personifies this perfectly. Luxuriously snuggly, beautifully designed baby comfort toys with the quirkiest characters. As South African living in London I've always loved new cultures, arts and creativity. And what a amazing city to feed my creative soul with. I'm also very conscious of what impact I make and leave on our glorious planet. So make ethical and environmentally friendly choices wherever possible no matter how small, especially while setting up my new business (this includes materials sourced, waste reduction, packaging).

Welcome to my little shop! Let me introduce you to the Doods... The "Dou-Doods" baby comforters were lovingly designed by me for my babe. She's my inspiration and also handily my product tester to make sure they work for all babies. Comforters or 'doudou's play such an important role in babies growth and development as they learn how to sleep on their own, when separated from their parents, or just need comforting. Handmade from the superior quality materials as only the best will do for baby. And all fully CE certified to European Safety Standards for use from 0 months. Becoming a mum and watching my babe grow and her mind develop; I realised she needed a comforter that wasn't just a blanket, but actually a best friend. Something that can go everywhere with her on all her great adventures, and it needed to have personality. Thus the 'Doods' were born. They revolutionise the development of the comforter from being an inanimate flat snuggle blanket in babies first year to becoming a much loved best friend in their toddler years.

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