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Gaiapot gps1

Small, perched pot plant, candle or jewellery holder. Height 14cm (5.5”) Slipcasted from white earthenware clay, and decorated with stained underglaze. After the slip casting process (45 mins) and drying time (overnight), the pot is then ...
made by mariannepotsceramics

Dreaming Goddess Perched Vase 2 (2 piece)

Brown/ Cream, two piece vase made from stained earthenware, and decorated with **sgraffito. Dimensions: H. 26cm (10 inches) This proud lady can be placed on your bookcase or window shelf. The head & torso can detach ...
made by mariannepotsceramics
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Dreaming Goddess Vase Small 1

Dreaming of bigger things, is this small white / blue earthenware vase on tiny legs, and decorated with sgraffito. Height aprroximately 18.50cm (7 inches) , Width approximately 8cm (3 inches)
made by mariannepotsceramics