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godi. is a contemporary London based leather goods brand with minimalism at its heart. The product range has been slowly expanding from my first signature tote bag to a curated collection of backpacks, phone bags, wallets, cardholders and bookmarks. Each creation is designed and sampled in London by myself. It is then hand-cut and crafted in my East London studio and in my small workshop in South India. I spend months to perfect each design, while maintaining the element of minimal machine work and immaculate craftsmanship. My full grain leather is locally sourced from small independent farms in my hometown. I also dye my leather colours in house in smaller quantities. With ethical practice and sustainability at my core, every inch of the leather hide is created into one of my pieces to maintain zero waste. All my samples are also up-cycled into new pieces. The leather used is always a byproduct of the meat industry and I source the highest quality full grain natural hides so that my pieces last you a lifetime.

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