Start selling with us online

Start selling with us online

Join our collective of talented makers in our online marketplace, built to celebrate unique handmade products and creativity!

*If you would like to apply for our makers’ markets, pop-up shops or workshops please see our events page and select the relevant event you would like to apply for 

Q: Why sell with us? 

  • We will promote your business at every opportunity on social media, through Google shopping, SEO and at our well attended events .
  • We charge just a small one off admin fee of £60 + VAT
  • There is a 20% fee on all sales. No sale, no fee.
  • We will provide support to help grow your small business into something amazing and will introduce you to a network of other like-minded makers should you choose to trade with us at our markets – this is a separate application

Q: What is the definition of handmade? 

Defining what constitutes a handmade product can vary depending on context and individual interpretations. However, in general, a handmade product is one that is crafted or created predominantly by hand, with minimal or no involvement of automated machinery or mass production techniques.

Overall, handmade products embody craftsmanship, creativity, and a commitment to authenticity that sets them apart from mass-produced alternatives. They represent more than just material goods; they tell a story, evoke emotions, and foster a deeper connection between makers and consumers.

Q: What type of handmade products do we look for?

Creative and original designs and products of a handmade nature, designed by you. If the product is not handmade it must be made ethically and sustainably, preferably in your home country. If it is made elsewhere it must be fair-trade –  made in support of local communities – sweatshops free – cruelty free – with an environmental conscience.

Please note we look for high quality product photography. It doesn’t have to be professional but you do need to show your products at their best. If we feel this needs work we will let you know.

Q: Are you the right fit for Urban Makers?

We look independent makers who who are passionate about their craft and believe in sourcing materials locally where possible. We also encourage environmentally friendly, plastic free, recycled and considered packaging.

Q: How does it work?

All products are sold with a drop-shipping arrangement. This means when someone buys one of your products we send you an email with all of the details and you despatch within the timeframe specified by you.

Q: When will I hear back?

You should hear back from us within 14 days. If you think you’re a good fit, please introduce yourself.

Unfortunately due to the sheer number of applications we receive we cannot respond if you are unsuccessful.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the form below


Ilka and Julia

Apply here to sell with us

For makers’ markets and workshops you will need to fill out a separate form –  for details see our events page and select the relevant event 

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