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Brass and Bold brand was founded by Elsa Gomez just under two years ago, a former portrait photographer, originally from the North of Spain and living in London for the past 13 years. Elsa designs and hand mades all her jewellery from her home/studio in East London where she lives happily with her husband, son Tom, cat and dog.

Hello, I am Elsa Gomez the designer and creator of Brass and Bold. Brass and Bold began by tentatively selling one-off pieces in a few Boutiques and Cafe’s in London. The positive feedback and the great response I had to this jewellery encouraged me to run Brass and Bold as a full time job. I have always been a creative person enjoying visual arts, screen printing, product design and Architecture. I love simplicity and the honesty of materials. For the last ten years I have worked in London as a freelance portrait photographer but have since found an unrivalled boost to my creative outlet in Brass and Bold which I love being part of. I think that elements of my personality are passed on though these pieces and that you will enjoy wearing my jewellery as much as I love making and creating it! Thank you for visiting my shop. All the best, Elsa.

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