Casa Limes

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Starting with a day course on ring making in Sussex  to attending an upcycled jewellery workshop during London Fashion Week, Daryl's continuous curiosity and love of making brought her to seek evening and weekend classes in silversmithing. Moving in with her partner in Limes Road, Casa Limes was born, using her new found skill. Continuing to practice her silversmith teachings, Casa Limes seeks to offer on-trend and contemporary jewellery pieces to your love ones.

Casa Limes houses several collections of handmade and hand-assembled jewellery pieces, spurring from their love of minimalist style and adding flashes of colours through the use of man-made and semi-precious stones and contrasting metals. Using silversmith techniques, you are guaranteed to have a unique gift which is attractively gift wrapped, ready to give. Casa Limes' studio is located in the borough of Croydon, an easy access to the rest of London and finding inspirations through every day travel.

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