The Creamerie

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The idea of The Creamerie arose when its founder, Marianne, was pregnant. She developed her own recipes for her everyday cosmetics so that she could take care of her skin with kind, organic and natural ingredients she knew would not harm her baby. She also wished to reduce the quantity of plastic found in her bathroom and decided to limit her products packaging to paper, glass jars or aluminium tins which could be re-used. Making cosmetics happened to be a delightful multisensory experience and Marianne quickly became passionate about it. She broadened her products to organic essential oils and organic aromas, and gifted her friends and neighbours some samples. Encouraged by the amazing feedback received, she decided to create her own brand to offer a chance to everyone to try affordable, simple yet efficient body butters, lip balms, moisturising bars and other organic cosmetics.The Creamerie's cosmetics are plastic-free and come in aluminium tins, which can be re-used or recycled. Several sizes are available so the products can be travel-friendly. All The Creamerie’s ranges include at least one version without essential oils so that pregnant women can use them.

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