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Helen Driver is the founder, vegan artist and meditation facilitator behind The Rising Space. 

The Rising Space is an ethical art and wellness studio, offering artisan wall decor and nourishing gatherings to inspire slow living and balance for you, your home and loved ones.Memorable and mindful gifts, contemporary art prints and commissions are lovingly hand-crafted in London and professionally printed in the UK. Each design evokes a message about the importance of connection and self care.The Rising Space believes in creating and packaging your purchases using eco-friendly materials. Artworks are printed locally to support independent businesses and to keep a low carbon footprint.The Rising Space supports environmental and animal welfare charities. Your purchases go towards helping these worthy causes. Together we can create a better, more hopeful future. Thank you.❀

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Gold hand-finished geometric A4 art print ‘The Rising Space’

Celebrate your unique identity with the gold hand-finished print edition of 'The Rising Space'. Perfect for any occasion and to suit any space, each artisan design is mindfully created to promote slow and sustainable living, self-care ...
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