Needle Felting Workshop – Make a Festive Robin

Learn how to make a festive Robin with Minova Design at the Urban Makers Christmas market on November 27th at the Ecology Pavilion, Mile End Park. Each participant will learn the art of needle felting and take home a robin that can be used as a finger puppet or a Christmas decoration.

Date and Time
Sunday 27th November: 11.30pm – 2.30pm

The Ecology Pavilion Mile End Park-Urban Makers Christmas Market 125 Grove Road London E3 5RP


Let’s Make Robins / Needle Felting Workshop

Let’s learn and enjoy needle-felting. Make a festive Robin. Come and join this joyful creative workshop at Urban Makers Christmas Market. 

Robins are remarkable lovely birds for Christmas. In this felting workshop, we will needle-felt MINOVA’s Robin, designed both as a finger puppet and Christmas tree decoration. It’s easy and joyful to make it. You can make your own Robin for your tree or as a gift. Also, you may tell stories with robin finger puppets to enjoy moments with kids.

On the other hand, this 2-hour hand-crafting workshop will be an activity for you. It will be a “me-time”. Miné will not only show you how to make a felt robin but also introduce how to calm down your mind and focus on your handcrafting for well-being. It will be a mindful experience based on your creativity.

About Miné @ MINOVA

Miné is a designer and Creative Mindset Coach. She will coach and encourage you to learn a skill, improve your hand abilities, and enjoy it during the workshop.

Miné has been leading “Craft / Felting Workshops for the well-being”, and coaching people from challenged and disadvantaged communities.

Material & Tools

Each attendee will make a Robin to take it home.

You will be given material wool in 3 -5 different colours, pre-felted base material, and the pattern.

Needle-felting tools: Needles, foam, etc. will be provided by the Miné, requiring them to return before leaving.

Needle-Felting DIY Kit: Robin

The DIY Felting Kit will be available to purchase from MINOVA. If you enjoy needle-felting, you can make more finger puppets and ornaments at home as a creative Christmas activity.


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