Clapham Artwork – Illustration

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Clapham Artwork – Illustration .

Detailed and humorous illustration of Clapham, South West London. Contains many local buildings and points of interest. Every customer has the option of having themselves or a loved one drawn in to their very own artwork! Immortalised as a cartoon forever. Truly personalised!

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Clapham Artwork – Illustration

Welcome to Clapham!

We begin at the top right, with Clapham Junction and it’s accurately placed tracks. Just behind the sign you will see a giant Slug & accompanying Lettuce. Get it?

Heading to the right passed the scrap pile of Uber cars you’ll come to Clapham Old Town. As well as several foxes tucking in to bin bags, you’ll notice John Francis Bentley, he was the architect for Westminster Cathedral & lived in Clapham.

The large pot of Jam represents the Jam Tree pub.

Keep heading eastwards & you will see the lovely Clapham Picture House, see if you can guess what 1993 film they’re watching? It’s my favourite.

Just down the road you have the infamous High Street. Here you will find all sorts of debauchery, including Macky Ds, a fight, some vomit, a few tarts & THAT chicken shop which had its own show!

On the very right hand side is Clapham North, where I used to live & work. Naturally you’ll find a few Australians pottering around.

In the middle you’ll see Clapham Common, all the light green is accurate within this map. The band stand makes an appearance as does the Windmill pub.

South of the Common you’ll find an unfortunate soul running from local zombies. Next to them is a pair of clapping hands & a pig. They represent CLAP – HAM.

Heading eastwards once more you’ll come to Clapham South. Nearby is Samuel Pepys with his famous diary, relaxing in Clapham as he used to.Bottom left is a horse & carriage, this represents ‘The Man on the Clapham Omnibus’ which was a popular term used in law to describe a typical man at the time.

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