Zero-waste solutions for your home

Guest Post by Urban Green Company  – Zero-waste solutions for your home

Here at Urban Makers we are privileged to work with so many talented sustainable and ethical designers. We have worked with Yas from Urban Green Company for many years now. Here she discusses some simple ways to reduce waste and become more sustainable in your home.

In a world with saturated terms, words and jargon it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed with how you can become more eco-conscious and start doing your bit for the environment. In this post I wanted to explain what the term “zero-waste solutions” actually means and give you some easy and simple ways to get started.

Buy better – reduce waste 

Put simply “zero-waste solutions” are products that reduce waste, are reusable and sustainably sources or made. We often throw items in the bin instead of repairing or re-using them, which usually means we buy constant replacements. However, reducing waste avoids creating unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and avoids polluting the environment.

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Zero Waste Solutions - Bee wax wraps

In the UK we throw away much too much every year and most of this waste ends up in landfill or the sea, polluting our planet and destroying it for generations to come. It does not need to be this way though. When buying zero-waste products you are aiming to significantly decrease the amount of waste you throw away.

Reducing your waste is a great way to lessen your impact on the planet, but getting started can feel overwhelming. Here are some of the ways in which you can get ahead and join our mission at Urban Green Company to turn the tide on global plastic with beautifully handmade, zero-waste, sustainable alternatives.

Bees Wax Bread Bags £14 – Free shipping

Zero Waste Solutions - Bees wax bread bag

Read, listen and educate yourself

With growing public awareness of the stress, the planet is under, zero-waste lifestyles have become increasingly popular. Thankfully a whole host of blogs, podcasts, social accounts (and groups) and free online materials are now available for you to read and get stuck into. These will be a great help when it comes to understanding the impact and WHY action must be taken now.

Buy less, reuse more

It can be a quick fix to buy your trusted clingfilm over an organic cotton bowl cover or your plastic pan scourer over a zero-waste kitchen sponge because the immediate price difference is obvious. In those moments it is important to remember that zero-waste is also about trying to limit the amount you buy in the first place, hence saving you money in the long run.

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Zero Waste Solutions - Reusable face pads

Take it one step at a time

It can be overwhelming getting started, so start out little by little. Change your wet wipes and cotton pads to reusable face pads, when your cleaning products are used up take the bottle to the re-fill shop and reuse it or when you next buy a present make it a zero-waste one. So spread the word, shop small and shop smart, it will all make a big difference to our planet now and in years to come.

About Urban Green Company 

All of Urban Green Company’s products are handmade in their workshop in Northwest London, using only 100% natural raw materials. The rest is ethically sourced and delivered. Core products include beeswax wraps, bowl wraps, cherry stone heat packs and eco-friendly facial pads. Other environmentally sound products include, reusable sponges, organic produce bags, dish cloths, natural scrunchies, tea bags, face masks etc. All products are available to buy nationwide via their website Urban Green Company

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Zero Waste Solutions -Vegan soap

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Zero-waste solutions for your home - FSC recycled paper


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The Zero-waste solutions for your home

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